There’s no place like home.

All rooms are equipped with the latest appliances and furniture to guarantee a comfortable home for everyone.


Each room is equipped with a comfortable bed (size depends on room type), a desk with a chair, and plenty of closet space.


The bathroom has a spacious shower, a sink with hot and cold water, a toilet and a ventilation system for good air circulation.


Available kitchen appliances are a refrigerator, a freezer, a large sink, and an electric stove. On top of that there is a water boiler.


Premium electronic appliances are installed such as a ceiling mounted air conditioning, energy saving floor heating, intercom and washing machine.


Within the building there is a 24-hour convenience store, a coffee shop, and a bank. There is also a community area, storage lockers and a study room.


There is a front desk with multilingual assistance, 24-hour security guards, CCTV, and building access with personal ID-card.


  • 1 person per room
    (Queen size bed)
  • 3 room types
  • Average room size:
    21.5m² – 25.3m²
  • Total rooms: 15
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  • 1-2 persons per room
    (Queen size bed)
  • 3 room types
  • Average room size:
    21.5m² – 25.3m²
  • Total rooms: 15
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TwinMost Popular

  • 2 persons per room
  • 4 room types
  • Average room size:
    25.4m² – 29.6m²
  • Total rooms: 185
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  • 3 persons per room
  • 1 room type
  • Average room size: 29.6m²
  • Total rooms: 71
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7 Different room types are available. Have a look at all of them.