Frequently Asked Questions

About Check-in&out

How do you make a room assignment?

If you don’t have prefer roommate, then we will assign randomly.

If I choose my friend for my roommate, is it possible to share my room with my friend?

Yes, just type your friend name on the comment section, then we will assign you and your friend together.

Please be advised the following information about Check in and Check out.

Please be advised the following information about Check in and Check out.

Check-in Check-out
Every 25th 3P.M Every 24th 10A.M

Please contact us if you any questions for it.

※ In case of special program (summer school, winter school or Language Program) made by each university, you may check-in according the program.

About Contract

Can I get refund when I decide to check out earlier than period of my contract?

No, you cannot get refund for your losing date, however if you have to leave Korea because of the VISA problems or you must go back to your home country permanently for Family issues, then we will check your situation from your school, and then we will refund money for rest of your contract.

How much is the deposit?

One month of your rental fee

Is Installment payment possible?

No, you have to pay in advance

About Facilities

Can I have a parking space?

If you are the resident of URSEOUL, you can have parking permission for 50,000 won per month.

Does URSEOUL have security service?

There are 24-hour security guards at the building. All public areas in the building are equipped with CCTV cameras and all residents receive a personal access card to enter.

What kind of facilities does URSEOUL offer for the residents and I would like to know opening hours of each facilities and also how much do you charges for using facilities.
  1. Fitness center (29F), no extra charge
    Monday-Friday 06:00-23:00
    Saturday-Sunday 09:00-22:00
  1. Community lounge (29F), no extra charge
    Monday-Friday 06:00-23:00
    Saturday-Sunday 09:00-22:00
  1. Outdoor Garden (29F), no extra charge
    Monday-Friday 06:00-23:00
    Saturday-Sunday 09:00-22:00
  1. Study Room (B2), no extra charge
    Monday-Sunday 06:00-23:00
    You must make a reservation for using study room.
  1. Tool Room (work room)
    You can use all the tools for free and you have to apply for using tool room through the administration office.
  1. Storage room
    Usage fee for storage room is KRW5,000 per month.

About Reservation

If I applied URSEOUL through the online website, how is the process going for confirming my reservation and room assignment.

Soon as you make a reservation through our online website, you will receive an automated confirmation Email for your reservation, and once we received your housing payment, we will send you a confirmation email for your room assignment.


entry procedues

About Stay

Are there regulations should follow in URSeoul?

You must follow URSeoul regulations.
Please follow this regulations so everyone can enjoy living in URSeoul and Korea.

Please watch the video below for regulation.

Can I change my roommate in middle of my contract?

It is impossible to change your roommate, however, if you have agreement of people from other room, then you can change your roommate.

Can I smoke in my room?

No, URSeoul Station is a smoke free building, so you can either go to rooftop (30F) or outside of building for smoke.

Does URSEOUL have curfew?

No, unlike other universities in Korea, you can access to URSEOUL at any time.

How can I go to URSEOUL from the airport?

When you arrived in  Incheon International Airport you can ride the Airport Railway in the basement floor.
There are two types of a direct and regular train. A direct ride takes 43 minutes one way is 8,000 won.
Take the local trains stop at the station 11 and takes 59 minutes one way 4,150 won.
Buy a ticket to pay a deposit of 500 won separately and can be refunded at the station down.
Take therefore the direct Number of service is less than the regular train after a time check at the information center.

Rates based on January 2016
When you arrived in Seoul station, please do not go out to exit 12, there is direct underground connection to URSEOUL which is placed right next to exit 12.
How much are the maintenance, utility, and internet/cable fee?
  • Maintenance fee is KRW 7,000 per 3.3㎡, per month per room
  • Utility fee including water, gas, electricity, you can check through management office.
  • Internet/cable fee is KRW 7000 per month per room

The maintenance fee and utility fee, you will share to pay with your roommate, and internet/cable fee will charge per room.

If I bring my friend or family who is not resident of URSEOUL, can they sleep over at my room?

Your friend can visit your room but sleep over is not allowed, however if your family member visit you less than 1 week, than it is possible to stay in your room (only for single/double room).

Is the residence allow to have a pet?

No, pets are not allowed in URSEOUL.

Is there any place I can purchase my supplies and restaurants nearby URSEOUL?

Nearby URSEOUL, there is mega mart, traditional market, and lots of restaurants.

What furniture and appliance does URSEOUL offer for each room?

Electric Pot, Microwave, Desk, Chair, Window screen, Bed, Bed Cover, Air condition, Refrigerator, Bidet etc.

What if I made damages on facilities, how much I have to compensate for the damaging facilities?

Each furniture and appliance have own appropriate value, so we will charge you for the damaging facilities based on that value.

What kind of activity does URSEOUL offer?

We are planning to offer activity such as barbeque party, kimchi making, and etc.